10 Fun Facts About Harry Styles That You Wanted To Know

10 Fun Facts About Harry Styles That You Always Wanted To Know

Heartthrob Harry Styles blessed our screens in 2011 when he auditioned for The X Factor and quickly became our favorite One Direction boy with his bouncy curls, luscious looks, and killer vocals. Little did you know that this mega-star has many more hidden talents and more great sides to his personality. From his generosity to his down-to-earth character, Harry never fails to impress the nation.

To fall in love with the pop idol just a little bit more – continue reading to find out 10 super-fun Harry Styles facts

1. He Once Wanted to Be a Lifeguard

Singing wasn’t always in the pipeline for Harry Styles. Before auditioning for the popular singing competition, The X Factor, the famous singer applied to be a lifeguard. Sadly, Harry didn’t make the cut, so he pursued his dreams of becoming a pop star, instead.

2. Harry’s a Mommy’s Boy

10 Fun Facts About Harry Styles That You Always Wanted To Know

You’d think that he’d be too busy to catch up with his mom every single day, but this superstar calls his mom up to five times a day. He was also the most nervous he’d ever been when giving a speech at his mom’s wedding, proving just how much she means to him.

3. He Drove Around L.A Handing Pizza to the Homeless

Harry literally has a heart of gold. He once spent £3,000 on pizza and drove around the streets of L.A delivering it to the homeless on his only day off. What a thoughtful way of giving back to the world!

4. Harry Drinks Coffee With Butter

10 Fun Facts About Harry Styles That You Always Wanted To Know

If you haven’t already heard of the bullet diet, let us introduce you to it; It’s a health trick that many professionals follow which involves adding healthy fat (butter) into your morning coffee, apparently giving you added fuel for the entire day. With such a busy schedule, it’s a diet that Harry closely follows.

5. He’s a Pro at Baking Pizza

If you didn’t think that Harry could get ANY better, think again! The nation’s sweetheart is also an expert at baking pizza. As he worked in a bakery for a while, he’s got the dough down to a T!

6. Harry Was in a Band Before The X Factor

10 Fun Facts About Harry Styles That You Always Wanted To Know

Harry Styles was in a rock/indie band called The White Eskimos before he joined The X Factor and got thrown into One Direction. The White Eskimos won a contest together, giving Harry the boost he needed to perform on national TV.

7. He’s Scared of Snakes

Harry isn’t afraid of much – but snakes are definitely on the top of that list. We don’t blame him, to be honest! Who wants a slithering snake around them?!

8. Harry Loves a Good Rom-Com

Another fact about Harry that’ll make you adore him even more! One of the super-cool artist’s favorite things is a good romantic comedy. We would happily cozy up to the 1D lad and watch Love Actually together…

9. His First Big Purchase Was a Mattress

Here’s some trivia you certainly didn’t know about Hazza! While most popstars splash out on Range Rovers and Rolex watches, Harry actually invested in a brand new mattress when the 1D song, Up All Night came second in the charts. What a humble guy!

10. His Name Was Already Taken When He Joined Instagram

10 Fun Facts About Harry Styles That You Always Wanted To Know

In a ploy to get his name as an account on the popular social media platform, Harry put his tag as @GiveMeMyNamePlease. Clearly, the plan worked and the Instagram account owner handed over his account name so Harry could use it.

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